7 Natural Remedies to Control Blood Pressure 

Nov 7, 2023, 06:10 PM IST

7 Natural Remedies to Control Blood Pressure 


Limit Salt 

Cutting back on sodium is essential for lowering blood pressure. When you consume too much sodium, your body begins to retain fluid and blood pressure spikes dramatically as a result of this. 


Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial to good health. Frequent exercise improves mood, strength, and balance. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it lowers your chance of developing diabetes and other heart conditions. 

Quit Smoking 

Your blood pressure rises temporarily for a few minutes after each cigarette you smoke. Regular smoking can cause your blood pressure to remain high for extended periods of time. Giving up smoking helps to eliminate other health issues as well in addition to lowering blood pressure. 

Limit Alcohol 

Excessive alcohol consumption can result in a number of health problems, including elevated blood pressure, so it’s best to give up alcohol entirely. 

Reduce Stress 

Blood pressure can momentarily rise as a result of stress. An excessive amount of it can cause you to feel pressured for a long time. Regular yoga and breathing exercises relieve stress and help lower blood pressure. 

Maintain Moderate Weight 

Blood pressure and weight are closely related. Losing excess weight can have a big impact on blood pressure. Aim for a healthy body mass index (BMI). 

Increase Potassium Intake 

Eating foods high in potassium, such as spinach, sweet potatoes, and bananas, can lower blood pressure.