7 Mysteries About Blood Falls in Antarctica

Oct 21, 2023, 03:53 PM IST

7 Mysteries About Blood Falls in Antarctica

Vikrant Singh

The "Blood Falls" in Antarctica is a natural wonder known for its unusual appearance and characteristics. Here are seven mysteries about it:

1. Blood-Like Appearance

The most striking  is the blood-red colour of the water, which initially led people to believe it was actual blood. The source of this vivid colouration is one of the key mysteries.

2. Origins of the Name

 The name "Blood Falls" comes from its distinctive appearance. The name was given before the true explanation was known, adding to the mystery.

3. Iron-Rich Water

The source of the red colour is high concentrations of iron oxide in the water. But how this iron gets into the water and why it doesn't quickly oxidise and turn brown is not fully understood.

4. Subglacial Lake

The water of Blood Falls is believed to originate from a subglacial lake beneath the Taylor Glacier. How this subglacial lake formed and maintains liquid water in extreme cold conditions is still a mystery.

5. Microbial Life

Blood falls contains an unusual ecosystem of extremophilic bacteria. How these bacteria thrive in such harsh conditions and what role they play in the phenomenon is still being studied.

6. Flow Mechanism

The way the water emerges from beneath the glacier, creating the "blood" flow, is not completely understood. The precise mechanism and pathways involved remain mysterious.

7. Age of Water

The water emerging from Blood Falls is believed to be ancient, possibly being sealed under the glacier for millions of years. Understanding the age of this water is an ongoing mystery.