7 Cringey Things All 90s Kids Have Done Online

Nov 7, 2023, 01:51 PM IST

7 Cringey Things All 90s Kids Have Done Online

Moohita Kaur Garg

We didn't know better

90s kids belonged to a generation that witnessed the initial days of social media. Orkut, Facebook and more, we were there for it all. Learning to navigate the online world, we did some things which in hindsight were pretty cringey. How many of these did you do?

Bedazzle the world

Overuse of glittery and animated GIFs on personal blogs and social media profiles. Another aspect of this was using pictures of random celebrities or animated characters as our profile pictures.

Freedom of speech?

Engaging in cringey online arguments or "flame wars" in chat rooms or early internet forums over trivial topics.

Send this to seven people or else

Participating in chain emails and forwarding them to friends and family, often involving superstitious beliefs or unrealistic promises of good luck.

Cool usernames and email IDs

Using cringey and exaggerated usernames and email IDs, often incorporating random numbers, symbols, or excessive capitalisation. No kidding, my first email had the word 'cool' in it...very uncool!

Us against the world

Creating awkward and overly dramatic online diary entries, often sharing personal details and teenage angst with the world.

Poetic word vomit

Sharing overly emotional song lyrics or poetry as status updates or in online profiles, often without context or explanation.

Grunge effect was 'da bomb'

Posting cringe-worthy selfies or awkwardly edited photos using primitive filters and effects available on photo editing applications like YouCam. Today, these filters are outdated and thank god for that.