6 Ways to Protect Eyes from Air Pollution

Nov 6, 2023, 02:11 PM IST

6 Ways to Protect Eyes from Air Pollution

Riya Teotia

Eye Care in Pollution

Our eyes, being the most delicate body organ, are prone to irritations and allergies caused by chemicals and pollutants present in the air. Here are some of the ways to take extra care of your eyes in rising air pollution.

Avoid Rubbing Eyes

Due to pollutants present in the air, our eyes tend to get itchy. But it is advised by the doctors  not to rub eyes as it can further enhance the irritation and cause a burning sensation to the eye.

Wear Protective Glasses or Shades

Face masks work for our lungs and in the same way, eyeglasses protect our eyes from pollution. When commuting in an open vehicle in a heavy thick smog of pollutants, it is essential to keep eyes covered.

Wash your Hands Regularly

Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with clean, running water. It is better to wash  hands every morning, after reaching home and before going to sleep. This is important as our hands come in direct contact with our eyes frequently, that might carry germs or pollutants.

Eat Vitamin A-rich foods

Eating green leafy vegetables, especially spinach and bright-coloured vegetables like yellow pepper and carrots, is beneficial for  eyes and keep them healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for supporting tear formation function. It becomes even more crucial when external factors like chemicals and smog make us prone to dry eyes.

Avoid Using Eye Makeup

It is better to avoid eye makeup if  feeling itchiness in the eyes. Wearing kajal or mascara often worsens eye allergies and may even cause infections. Also, never forget to remove all the eye makeup before going to sleep.