6 Ways To Make Your Turkey Trip Budget-Friendly

Nov 15, 2023, 04:21 PM IST

6 Ways To Make Your Turkey Trip Budget-Friendly

Sneha Swaminathan

Keep An Eye On Flight Offers

Flights during holidays are typically pricier, but you can secure affordable options by researching thoroughly, checking dates, and booking in advance. Opt for flying into Istanbul from India, even if your destination is Antalya or Cappadocia, as it's often cheaper. Use domestic flights like Turkish Airlines for further travel.

Accommodation Is The Key

Choose accommodation based on your budget, ranging from low-cost to luxury stays in Turkey. Skip all-inclusive resorts for better dining experiences and instead go for local restaurants.

Save Big On Food

Save on meals by buying breakfast essentials at local supermarkets for self-catering apartments, or eat where locals do to enjoy affordable, authentic Turkish delicacies, steering clear of pricier tourist spots.

Local Is The Best

Save money on transportation by using local options like buses or the Metro instead of expensive taxis.

All Hail, Debit ard!

Use your Visa debit card in major bars and restaurants for better exchange rates against major currencies, eliminating the need for large amounts of local currency.

Exchange Money When You Arrive

Avoid exchanging money at the airport or beforehand due to high rates. Only exchange what you need for immediate expenses like taxis or buses upon arrival.