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6 underappreciated Indian whisky bottles

It’s hard to choose a good Indian whisky with so many options available in the market

Tap to check 6 undervalued Indian whisky bottles, according to India’s best bartenders & bar-runners

Paul John Christmas Edition 2021

A lovely single malt, finished in
ex-bourbon and port casks, mildly spiced with hints of butterscotch

Godawan 02

The Cherry Cask edition lends itself well to adding a bit of complexity that goes perfectly with some ice

Paul John Pedro Ximénez

The sherry barrels add a nice deep nose and layer to the malt

Godawan 01

This is a PX sherry finish with honey suckle, chocolate, coffee, deep intense caramel, dried candied citrus and baklava butteriness

Paul John Nirvana Peated Single Malt

This is a kind of whisky that is a nice blend of smooth and fruity

Epitome Reserve

The whisky is matured in
ex-bourbon casks and finished in casks that previously held Cabernet Sauvignon wine

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