6 Times Shah Rukh Khan Proved He Is The Biggest Champion For Women's Rights

Nov 2, 2023, 08:57 PM IST

6 Times Shah Rukh Khan Proved He Is The Biggest Champion For Women's Rights

Shomini Sen

There is a reason why women- across generations- love Shah Rukh Khan. The man has always been a strong advocate of women's empowerment and through his actions and words, has proved how much of a feminist he is. 

"The whole idea of what a woman is changed when I started working with all the girls that I worked with. They work harder than I do. They come four or five hours before I even land on sets. They are somehow considered secondary in the scheme of things of this film world. They've taught me that I have to request them to get a yes out of them, sometimes implore, many times beg, but never, never to force a yes out of them."

"Often I wish I was a woman…then realise I don’t have enough guts, talent, sense of sacrifice, selfless love or beauty to be one. Thank you, girls."

"Be gentle with a lady, be courteous to a lady and be extremely respectful to a lady. It may be old-fashioned – open the door, take off your jacket on a puddle. Do whatever, but do not, do not, do not ever disrespect a woman in any aspect. There is no conquering a woman. There’s only having a partner in a woman. So remember that all the time.”

"It is only women who are behind my success. My mother, sister, wife and, lastly, all my heroines. I am a very simple actor and these women helped me in my success."

“My life has been completely shaped by women, starting from my grandmother to my daughter now and in between my wife, aunts, didis in colonies, my leading ladies and women directors that I worked with. They have helped me achieve 100% of what I am today. I wouldn’t be half a man without these women. I owe my life to them.”

"We keep talking about empowering the ladies, which is a misnomer according to me. There is nothing like empowering them. They are more powerful than us. All we need to do is, genuinely give all the ladies an even playing field. That's all they are asking for".