6 Signs Your Body Is Exhausted and Needs More Sleep 

Oct 22, 2023, 03:20 PM IST

 6 Signs Your Body Is Exhausted and Needs More Sleep 

Sneha Swaminathan

You’re Always Hungry 

Lack of sleep can lead to increased feeling of hunger as a response from your body. Inadequate sleep results in your brain searching for energy in food, as it cannot obtain the necessary energy from a lack of sleep.

Weight Gain

Greater appetite often leads to consuming more food, leading to an increase in body weight. Fatigue can cause you to be less vigilant about monitoring your food intake. 

Skin Changes

Apart from the noticeable presence of dark circles, insufficient sleep can also manifest through an increase in facial blemishes. Sleep deprivation can lead to heightened insulin resistance, prompting the skin to produce additional sebum, ultimately resulting in unexpected breakouts as a consequence of these physiological changes.   

Trouble Seeing 

Surprisingly, when fatigued, your ability to regulate your eye muscles diminishes. The ciliary muscle, responsible for aiding focus, becomes fatigued with inadequate sleep, making it challenging to read up close. Additionally, the extraocular muscles that manage eye movement are also impacted by sleep deprivation. 

Prone To Sickness 

Inadequate sleep can result in a compromised immune system, making it more challenging for your body to defend against illnesses and infections. 

Emotional Sensitivity 

Sleep deprivation often leads to heightened emotional sensitivity. You might find yourself reacting more strongly to typically mild stimuli, like becoming excessively emotional during a touching movie. Additionally, everyday stressors such as work deadlines may trigger intensified feelings of anxiety, anger, or sadness.