6 Indian Beetroot Recipes You Must Try This Winter

Oct 23, 2023, 06:38 PM IST

6 Indian Beetroot Recipes You Must Try This Winter

Trisha Pathak

Chukandar Raita

Chukandar raita is a favourite in North Indian households. You can make it by peeling and grating beetroots in curd and adding cumin seeds, salts, chaat masala, coriander leaves.

Chukandar Paratha 

This winter season, you must not miss the Punjabi Chukandar paratha. You can make the paratha dough by adding flour, salt, chopped chillies, and spices to grated beetroots. 

Beet Sambharo 

Sambharo is a simple pickle from Gujarat. You can make them by grating the beetroot, mixing salt, and straining the excess water. 

Vegetable Chop 

The vegetable chop is a Bengali street food loaded with beetroots. You can prepare it by mixing boiled beets with other vegetables, coating them with cornflour and breadcrumbs and shallow-frying them to perfection. 

Beetroot Rasam 

Beetroot rasam consists of chopped and steamed beetroots cooked with cumin seeds, pepper, chilli, tamarind, curry leaves, and more. 

Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot easily transitions into dessert as it has a natural sweet taste. Cook grated beets in ghee and add sugar, milk, and cardamom to make beetroot halwa. 

Peanut Butter On Toast

A slice of multigrain bread with a spoonful of peanut butter is a great pre-workout meal for weight loss.