6 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips

Oct 21, 2023, 11:42 AM IST

6 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips

Riya Teotia

Regular Oiling

Massaging your hair and scalp regularly in chilly winter months with natural oils can nourish your hair roots and strengthen your hair follicles by moisturising the scalp and promoting blood supply in the hair roots.

Wear a Hat

It is crucial to cover your hair during winter to protect them from the moisture-robbing dry air, snow and wind. To avoid the static electricity under your hat, use a dry oil spray.

Avoid Hot Water Showers

Even though a steamy shower might be just what you’re looking for in winters but hot water can zap moisture from your hair, making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking.


Applying conditioner after washing your hair protects the outermost layer of your hair and makes them smooth and shiny. It also helps in reducing fizziness from your hair.

Don't Leave House with Wet Hair

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in winter with a wet head can cause hair to freeze and break. While air drying is best, it’s better to blow-dry your hair before stepping outside the house.

Comb Daily

Due to extra dryness in winters, hairs tend to tangle more, which leads to more breakage. It is good to comb your hair daily in winters using a wide-tooth comb.