6 Beauty Benefits of Putting Sugar on the Face

Oct 23, 2023, 11:56 AM IST

6 Beauty Benefits of Putting Sugar on the Face


Utilizing sugar as a primary scrub can significantly enhance your natural skincare regimen, offering a multitude of advantages for your skin. Here's why you should incorporate sugar in your skincare routine.  

Exfoliation and Dead Skin Cell Removal

Combine sugar with an essential oil like olive oil to promote skin softness and eliminate layers of dead skin cells. This dynamic duo not only unclogs pores but also imparts a supple feel to your skin.  

Natural Radiance

The glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids present in sugar contribute to maintaining a balanced, healthy, and radiant complexion, ensuring a natural glow.

Skin De-tanning and Scar Removal

 Sugar proves effective in preventing and soothing tanned skin, doubling as an excellent scar remover. Create a simple mask using coffee, honey, and sugar for best results.

Acne-Prone Skin Saviour

 Sugar serves as a potent ally in preventing acne and pimples, promoting a radiant complexion that captures the perfect glow.

Natural Cleansing

Sugar helps fight and remove toxins, leaving your skin supple and clearer.

Anti-Ageing Elixir

 Sugar's skin-tightening properties contribute to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time, imparting an anti-ageing effect.