5 Yoga Poses for Reducing Dark Circles Under Eyes

Oct 27, 2023, 05:52 PM IST

5 Yoga Poses for Reducing Dark Circles Under Eyes

Vaishali Mandloi

Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern that can affect people of all ages and skin types. Here are some yoga poses that that will erase your dark circles and smoothen the puffiness around your eyes:

Eye Rolling

Eye rolling stimulates blood circulation and creates gentle pressure on your eyes. Simply roll your eyes in a clockwise direction for 30 seconds, then repeat in a counterclockwise direction.

Eye Palming

This exercise relaxes the muscles around the eyes and reduces eye fatigue. Close your eyes and place the palm of each hand over the corresponding cheekbone. Cup your hand over each eye and breathe deeply for five minutes.

Camel Pose

Camel pose helps improve blood circulation to the face and neck. Kneel on the ground with your knees hip-width apart and your feet flat on the ground, then arch your back and slide your palms over your feet till the arms are straight. Stay in this posture for a couple of breaths.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand is a full-body exercise that stimulates different muscles of the body and promotes blood circulation towards your face. Lie flat on your back, lift your legs, and support your lower back with your hands.

Lion Pose

Lion Pose stretches facial muscles, reduces eye tension, and promotes relaxation. Sit on your knees first and try to come to the child's crawling position, then arch the spine, look up at the third eye point, stick out the tongue and roar like a lion.