5 Vastu Tips for Diwali

Nov 10, 2023, 01:16 PM IST

5 Vastu Tips for Diwali


On the festive occasion of Diwali, here are five Vastu tips that will bring good fortune into your home.


One of the main Vastu principles for Diwali is to have a tidy and clutter-free home. Cleaning your house denotes letting go of bad energy and allowing good energy to re-enter.

Avoid Damaged Items for Diwali Pooja

Make sure that nothing is damaged and that everything used for the pooja is in good shape. During this festive season, avoid bringing in any broken or damaged goods as they are believed to attract negative energies.

Maintain The Entrance of Your House

Everyone, even goddess Lakshmi, enters the house through the main door. As a result, adequate maintenance of the main entrance is required.


Rangolis are a common tradition on Diwali, but stencils and stamps should be avoided. Additionally, religious symbols like Om and Swastika should not be used for rangoli designs. But you can depict the feet of Goddess Lakshmi.


The main tradition of Diwali celebrations is lighting diyas, or small oil lamps. Therefore, it's essential to light them in accordance with Vastu principles in order to bring good fortune into your home.