5 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024

Nov 10, 2023, 04:47 PM IST

5 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024

Heena Sharma

5 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024

Heena Sharma

AI is presenting the world with new and exciting possibilities. In this era of innovation, let us explore what transformative shifts are expected to redefine the AI next year. Here're the top 5 trends

5. Quantum AI

Both startups and big tech players are putting a lot of effort and money into reaching quantum solutions. In 2024, AI is going to make things a lot easier and better using quantum AI tech.

4. AI Legislation

AI legislation is capturing the attention of global policymakers. The objective is not only to attract global investments but also to safeguard people against AI risks.

3. Ethical AI

In 2024, experts reportedly predict a growing interest in AI ethics education and a stronger focus on ethical concerns in the research and development of AI.

2. Augmented Working

Augmented Working AI holds the ability to aid surgeons, attorneys, and software developers, optimising productivity and quality.

1. Next Generation of Generative AI

Multi-modal generative AI will be able to craft narratives and possibly produce bestselling novels. Thus, the importance of thoughtful assessment and sincere recognition must be highlighted.