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5 tips to
tackle bedtime procrastination

It’s that one more episode, 15 more minutes of Instagram … and before you know it it's 3 am

Harvard University has a name for this: bedtime procrastination

It describes someone “who goes to bed later than planned, despite knowing that there will be negative consequences if they do

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It’s not tomorrow’s problem

Binge-watching the entire night? But what about when the alarm rings the next morning and you need to haul yourself out of bed and have a full productive day

Keep a tab on your sleep time

Keep a sleep journal of sorts, to jot down the time you actually fell asleep each day of the week.When you start seeing a pattern, you’ll know


Set a goal for when you need to hit the sack, every day. This can be achieved by pushing back your bedtime by even 30 minutes

Get a keeper

Ask a close one to nudge you in the direction of your bed the minute the clock strikes… whatever a reasonable hour for you is

Be mindful of the
choices you make

On call with a friend all night?
You’ll hang up feeling better but will have to work as a functioning zombie the next day. Be mindful of the choices you’re making

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