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5 things women notice on a first date

There’s a lot of things women notice when they’re first trying to get a sense of you

Research shows most women pick up on from the get-go isn’t some awful, elusive thing outside of your control; like how tall you are, or whether you have a lovely deep baritone

The first–and most crucial–on the list of things women notice is if you’ve made an effort for her. Tap to check more


Scrub down, get clean, and choose a great fragrance–nothing hits like a million-dollar scent


Make sure to clean up nice; giving your beard trim, or running some product through your hair shows that the person at the other end of the table mattered enough to do that


Put some effort into picking
out your ‘fit; and for God’s sake, man,
run a steamer over it


The old proverb "You can
always judge a man by the shoe he wears" says it all

Conversation & Behaviour

Find out more about her interests, being considerate of her needs and not talking about yourself for hours on end–show that you’re trying to make good impression

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