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5 signs your partner might be cheating

There are many signs of cheating that you may have heard about from friends, and people in your life who have experienced it

But to be fair, the signs of
cheating can’t always be caught out– some people are incredibly careful and cautious in how they conduct their affairs

There are a few signs of cheating that become a bit impossible to hide

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They care a lot more about how they look

If you are partner hasn't made an effort towards their looks–you may want to ask yourself why there is such a renewed interest in their appearance

They get weird about their phone

If they are cagey about their phone, dimming the brightness, changing
the lock code, there is a good chance there’s something on there they do not want you to see

They give you TOO much information

The key to lying well is details, and if your partner is a seasoned liar, they know that and will give you so much detail about where they were

They are suddenly defensive

If you find your partner being more irritable and snapping more than usual, there is a chance it could stem from the guilt of cheating

They suddenly have
new interests

The reason for multiple new interests could possibly be a single new partner who cares about these things–and has shared them with yours

Some of these signs in isolation could mean absolutely nothing, and you should only look to them if you already have a gut feeling that your partner might be cheating on you

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