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4 keys to being
a successful negotiator

If you’re heading into an important conversation or negotiation that you feel you need to win, you have landed in the right space

There are a lot of things that can
hinder our ability to make our case effectively, whether it’s a personal or professional negotiation

We can have all our points together but fumble when the time comes and convey things inaccurately

But how to win a negotiation?
Tap to check out 4 ways of being a successful negotiator

Keep your emotions in check

Not taking things personally can be the sharpest tool in your arsenal

Listen (and make
people feel heard)

Nothing could be worse than arguing with someone that won’t let you get a word in–so it’s incredibly important not to be that guy

Take turns

It’s important to divvy up speaking time (and listening time) in any discussion so that it doesn’t feel like a monologue or a one-sided attack

Speak face to face

It is important to have a face-to-face negotiation conversation because of the clarity it provides both parties than a phone conversation or other forms of communication

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