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4 homegrown single malt whisky under 10k

There’s a tendency to look to the Scottish highlands for single malt whisky drinkers

But the last few years have seen a massive rise in the amount of incredible single malt whisky that has come out of the country

Well-known alco-bev houses and new distilleries are changing the whisky
game in India

Tap to check out 4 smoothest homegrown single malt whisky bottles under
Rs 10,000 to stock up

Godawan 02
Rs 5,275 (approx)

Favoured by many of the country's top bar-runners and bartenders, this fruity-spicy malt is easily one of the most exciting homegrowns to be born in the last decade

Rampur Double Cask
Rs 7,398 (approx)

This lives out about two-thirds of its days in American oak bourbon barrels and the final third in European oak sherry casks

United Epitome Reserve
Rs 8,100 (approx)

We love a good limited-ed, and if you can get your hands on this 2021 edit by Diageo, you’re in for a treat

Indri Trini Single Malt
Rs 3,100 (approx)

“Trini” or three is the trifecta of
 barrels that bear this whisky–bourbon, ex-wine and PX sherry–where they mature and finish

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