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4 hobbies of Bill Gates to be smarter

Bill Gates is a man who understands that our brain can be fed with many things and that the level of intelligence can increase when we work on it

Hence, he has some interesting hobbies that help him keep an active mind, an efficient memory, a lot of creativity and good decision-making ability

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Play Bridge

It was Warren Buffett who taught him this game; it makes the players think about a strategy and the decisions to make in order to win

it is a game that challenges the brain and keeps it active, which also strengthens memory

Read everything

The point is to have variety, always to be learning interesting things and to discover material that can be a source of inspiration or different ideas

Travel and discover new things

He has travelled to many parts of the world, discovering other cultures, ways of life and all kinds of social problems

Gates is a fan of trying new things (especially technology), so he stays up to date and learns all kinds of unexpected lessons

Building good relationships helps you be happier, which science has said is also key to achieving success, satisfaction, and motivation

Spend time with family

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