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4 best American whiskies under
Rs 5,000

While bourbons, ryes and American whiskies have always been part of our collection, some whiskies deserve a place of honor on our home bars

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Aged in charred oak barrels, the liquor is crafted in Loretto, Kentucky distillery

Marker's Mark Bourbon Whisky

The strong drink comes with 45% alcohol by volume and is made up of corn with malted barley and a large dose of red winter wheat

With notes of vanilla and green
apple that swirl beautifully into a sweet, sip-able whisky that's
essential to an apple-whisky liqeuer

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple

The poignant tones of caramel, citrus, fresh-baked banana bread and field corn reign supreme with this one

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select

The infamous small-batch rye whiskey was based on a century-old recipe developed by Alphonse Kerkhoff in Templeton, Iowa

Templeton Rye,

The smooth liquid has a sweet
profile with caramel, followed by a
faint rose note; finished by oak, vanilla, and cinnamon

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