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3 types of knowledge needed for success

An article published in the Harvard Business Review, co-authored by three experts, argues that there are 3 different types of knowledge that are essential for success

The authors write that anyone who wants to be successful needs to look to Aristotle and the 3 different types of knowledge that he described more than 2,000 years ago

“Techne was craft knowledge:
learning to use tools and methods to create something,” write the authors in their article

It allows you to learn how to use the tools you need to develop your vision

“Episteme was scientific knowledge: uncovering the laws of nature and other inviolable facts that‘cannot be other than they are’”

It helps you understand how things work and what you can and cannot change

“Phronesis was akin to ethical judgment: the perspective-taking and wisdom required to make decisions when competing values are in play”

It is essential for making decisions without losing sight of your values and without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in simply to get ahead

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