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13 new & homegrown whisky bottles

Godawan 01

The whisky opens with honeysuckle, chocolate, coffee, leading into deep intense caramel, dried candied citrus and baklava butteriness

Godawan 02

Choose this if you’re partial to a fruiter, spicier usquebaugh, one that you’d rather have on the rocks

Indri Trini Single Malt

Matured in selected barrels of first-fill bourbon, the Ex-French wine and PX sherry Casks really pop on the profile

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

Expect predominant barley tones, pineapple drop candy sweetness and a vanilla spine that holds up this fruity, oaky whisky

Amrut Spectrum

This limited-ed bottle–has spice, sultana, and toffee pudding notes that deserve to be recognised

X&O Barrel Premium Whisky

If you’re looking to enter the
whisky world without breaking the bank on a high-profile bottle, this is a good way to start

Dewar's Japanese Smooth

This bottle merges the richness of a classic Scotch with the floral nuances of a Japanese whisky


Aged five years in first fill American Oak Bourbon barrels, the smokiness of this whisky is undeniable; owing in part to it being charcoal filtered

Ardbeg 25 Years Old

This limited edition was distilled in the 1990s, making it a collector’s item that offers a fruity-peppery palate

Lucifer's Gold

This spicy blend to mix Scotch and Kentucky bourbon is nothing short of sacrilegious to anyone who plays by whisky rules

Yamazaki 12 Years Old

Japanese distiller Suntory’s flagship single malt whisky has finally made it to the Indian shores

Paul John Mithuna

It gets its distinct mocha-coffee
notes because it’s matured in American virgin oak casks and finished in
ex-bourbon casks

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