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19 best whisky
& other liquors
to try

Bottled at 50 percent ABV the sipping rum is matured for 12 years in American oak casks. Its making is inspired by Lahan, a local cane-juice brew made in Punjab



Its current form is a whirlpool of clove, cardamom, cassia, ginger, and coriander seed, re-distilled into a blend of pot and column-distilled rums.

Five Rivers Rum

It’s that extra bit of spiciness that saves it from being a run-of-the-mill lemony gin and gives a little something worth deviating from your regular for.

Sector Gin


This Indo-Japanese brings
together two cultures; yuzu, sansho peppers, and hinoki with coriander, pepper, and cardamom from India.

Doja Gin

Definitely an exciting new
spirit to try out if you’re partial to homegrown vodkas



Diageo’s Godawan 02 seems to be the star right now, with many of the country’s top bartenders declaring themselves a fan of its fruity-spicy palate

Godawan 02


Indian-born and bred, the nuanced smoothness of this agave works just as well in a snifter with a touch of crushed ice as it does in a spicy Jalapeno mango margarita.


Homegrown prosecco brand Skinny Witch is a sugar-free edition of the stuff that sounds like it might taste like a diet edit of the Veneto-origin sparkling, but fares well

Skinny Witch Prosecco

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