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15 best beers in India right now

The brand does special edits that always deliver. Their Breakfast Cereal Stout is an absolute banger aside from their Eight Finger Eddie

Goa Brewing Co.

A great Belgian-style wheat ale from the DeVans brewery if you like your sipping light

Six Fields

One of the oldest in the bottled craft brew brigade, Simba is great when you want an affordable craft


This 7.2 ABV homegrown is perfect for something that does light, summer citrusy but hits you without a wallop and leaves you with a happy buzz


A 4.6 ABV bottom-fermented lager, the cool green bottle of the Tuborg is a classic. It’s a light beer, so make sure you pair it well


Affordable, solid, and local–what’s not to love?


Their White Ale–rife with vanilla, coriander, and orange zest packs more than a punch


A light-on-the-tongue beer made with fresh Belgian spring water, it has two edits: the 4.3 percent Belgian Blonde, a light lager; & the citrus-coriander laced 4.9 percent ABV Wit


There’s a long legacy behind this 1863-born household name, and it’s a true testament to its solid taste that it has survived


What can we say about this
All-American classic except that it’s a classic for a reason?


The OG of the indie craft scene, Bira91 has been a homegrown top dog in all its 9 years of existence–and they still do one of the best IPAs in the business

Bira 91

This Belgian beer, suffice to say, carries on that legacy–in a fruity, spicy style


Started in 2013, this homegrown brewery was one of the first players to enter the Indian craft scene–and has stood its ground in the face of newer entries

White Owl

The legendary Punk IPA is great, but so is their fruity Elvis Juice and their wheat-forward Neron Dream


The coconutty Dega Palmė and Beach Shack IPA are favourites, but their newest–The Lazy Drongo–also warrants trying

Arbor Brewing Company

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