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10 ways to make your hair grow back

Include plenty of protein in your diet

Take the right vitamins. For example, Vitamin A is crucial for the healthy levels of sebum in the scalp

Try natural vegetable juice treatments, such as rubbing the juice of either garlic, ginger or onion deeply into your scalp and washing it the next morning

Get regular scalp massages

Check with your doctor whether Finasteride would work for you. It promotes testosterone levels in the body, thereby increasing hair growth

Treat your hair as little as possible. Avoid straightening, smoothening, regular blow drying, hair colouring as much as you can

Include Biotin in your diet

Avoid tight hairstyles

Make sure you get enough sleep

Buy shampoos that have fruit and seed oils (think jojoba, coconut, olive, argan), protein, essential oils, aloe vera, caffeine, keratin and other harmless ingredients

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