[ad_1] 10 ways to eat better while losing weight

10 ways to eat better while losing weight

Sep 11, 2023 | ET Online

Eat slow

We barely have any control over our food intake while eating quickly. Eating slow will allow breakdown of food and solve digestive issues leading to weight loss, as per Sahil Bansal, co-founder, and CEO of Fitelo, quoted by IANS.

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Small plate

Replacing your bigger plate with a small one will prevent you from overloading your plate and help you maintain a healthy weight.

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No sugar

We must be conscious about what we eat/drink as some foods might be high in sugar and low in nutrients, making your weight loss journey difficult.

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No packaged juice

Fruit juices might appear healthy but are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners. One cup of packaged fruit juice can contain up to 20g of sugar.

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Watch sodium intake

A small packet of chips can contain up to 300-400 mg of sodium, and retain water in your body. This will not help in weight loss.

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Seasonal grains

With superior taste, cost savings, and environment-friendliness, seasonal produce is the best thing to eat and promote wellness from within.

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No high flame

Avoiding high flame and choosing mellow cooking methods will help in retaining the nutrients in food and improve overall wellbeing.

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No packets

Eating from a plate is always better than eating from a packet while snacking on your cheat days as it will help in portion control.

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Avoid fad diets

When on a weight-loss journey, long-term permanent results should always be your ultimate goal. Fad diets do not help with this.

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Read labels

Reading food labels holds the key to making informed food selections. Before buying anything from the grocery store, always read ingredients list and labels.

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