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10 signs your friend is toxic

If your friendship is making you emotionally drained or you feel anxious around them, then it’s time you rethink this relationship

You feel drained by them

Toxic people have a hard time accepting their mistakes and wrongdoings and often put the blame on others

When everything is “your” fault

When your friend is constantly guilt tripping you that you don’t see them anymore, or you don’t have time for them anymore

The only trip you go on with your friend is the “guilt trip”

Not connecting with your childhood best friend anymore can lead to problems and disappointments even

You’ve outgrown them

Demeaning you, gossiping about you or even throwing you under the bus are signs of emotional bullying

They bully you

If your friend is trying to change you
and doesn’t accept you the way you arethen it’s probably wise to distance yourself from them

They don’t accept who you are

It is a one-sided friendship if the strain of communication and effort falls on you at all times

They are never there for you

If you find your friend bad-mouthing you behind your back, then it’s a toxic relationship that you should confront

They talk sh*t about you

A little bit of competition is healthy but it’s problemetic when jealousy takes over and they look at you as an opponent rather than a friend

Their friendship is competitive

A toxic friend often uses your failure against you to undermine you and make you feel bad about yourself

They criticise you all the time

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