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10 habits that are making you look older

You’re in the sun too much

Prolonged exposure to sun rays can harm your skin and also induce agening

You have a Vitamin D deficiency

Instead of exposing yourself to the sun to get Vitamin D, opt for a daily supplement after consulting with your doctor

You’re sleep deprived most of the time

One of the side effects of sleep deprivation is poor dietary habits which also contributes to ageing

You’re not moisturising your skin

Moisturiser traps moisture inside your skin and keeps it firm, supple and soft

You don’t exercise

Exercising improves hair health and retention, as well as regular cellular turnover across the surface of your skin

You’re too stressed

Ongoing stress can have a lasting negative impact your body and skin

You don’t follow a healthy diet

Eating too much junk food
is known to acclerate the
ageing process

You drink too much

Excessive alcohol can take a seriously bad toll on your entire body, making you look old

You smoke

Smoking induces the same
cellular changes that UV rays do to damage the skin

You don’t keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated keeps your skin clear, firm, bright, and smooth

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