Maritime Study

Maritime Study Maritime study is a section where you can find the solution for maritime study . There is some category of education in the maritime sector and we are gonna give an effort to help. gonna provide lots of study solutions for marine students and officers. For marine engineers and officers, there are lots of categories to study most of them are very complicated and can’t find in the general section. In this case, we are gonna provide that information very carefully for the basic and principal levels of study .

Many kinds of Subjects are there for deck and engine

For Deck officers, the subject list is here

  1. GSK – General ships knowledge
  2. Ships stability for cadets (Basic)
  3. ship stability for master and mates
  4. Principle of navigation
  5. celestial navigation
  6. terrestrial navigation
  7. ocean navigation
  8. meteorology
  9. cargo work
  10. Rules Of The Road
  11. Signalling
  12. Navigational Mark
  13. Light Shape and signals
  14. For maritime coc examination solve oral
  15. For maritime coc examination solve written
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